Ultra low distortion, audiophile grade audio amplifier kits for those striving to perfection;

Ultra low distortion, audiophile grade audio amplifier kits. Building an outstanding audiophile amplifier with ultra low distortions and superb sound is really easy with Kaltecs Low Distortion Audiophile Amplifier Kits and it won’t brake your bank account. You can choose different kits in accord to your personal needs. The main building blocks are: 32 W Ultra Low Distortion Kit, 44W Ultra-low distortion amp kit, 60W Ultra Low Distortion amp Kit and 100W Ultra Low Distortion amp Kit.
By combining 2, 3, or 4 blocks from one of the kits you can achieve output power up to 250W with extremely low distortions.

ABOUT this website

There are many myths and idiosyncratic ideas about the good sound and how to achieve it. As a result of many years of experimenting and building I managed to dismantle some of them for myself. And now I’m happy to share with and help to those who are interested in the subject to do the same.

In particular, I focus on the composite audio amplifiers architecture which offers incredible performance and very reasonable cost. These two (unbeatable performance and reasonable cost) combined together offer a rare opportunity to those with DIY inclination to build something really special.

For those unfamiliar with the subject I have to say that the composite audio amplifiers are made by inserting a monolith IC power amplifier in the feedback loop of an operational amplifier. The resulting ‚ÄĚturbocharged” composites retain the low distortion, noise and offset of the operational amplifier and the high-current handling capability of the power amplifier. The ultra low distortion and noise achieved in this way determine the extraordinary sound of the composite architecture.

So have fun reading and experimenting!



LM1875 composite amplifier kit

TDA7293 TDA7294 composite amplifier kit

100W Ultra-low distortion audiophile amplifier kit based on TDA7293

Low noise power supply and speaker DC protection