Ultra-Low Distortion and Noise Preamplifier

Real audiophile sound, featuring ultra-high performance operational amplifiers

– ultra-low distortion and noise balanced and unbalanced inputs;

– two outputs – with and without subsonic filter

A detailed description of the preamplifier you can find here


Balanced input – THD + noise  <  -117dB, input level up to 3V (RMS)

Unbalanced input – THD + noise <  -120dB, input level up to 3V (RMS)

Output with subsonic filter – cut-off frequency 20Hz, slope 18 dB/oct


PSU – +/-15V (low noise and low ripple)


How to order by email – Just send me un email at [email protected]

Price – $54.99

Ultra-low distortion and noise preamplifier balanced and unbalanced inputs

Ultra-low distortion and noise preamplifier, balanced and unbalanced inputs